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Chicago's best Personal Trainers love to help people get in shape, lose weight, tone up and achieve their fitness goals. There's no better way to get in shape than to have the help of a good Personal Trainer. In Chicago, is the best. Our Personal Trainers are leaders in the fitness industry. Our Trainers keep you motivated and happy as you get healthier. What is the difference between a FitChicago Personal Trainer and the kind of personal trainer you usually get at a health club? Good question. Here is what you usually see with a club personal trainer:

What is this guy doing?! Does he think he's a Personal Trainer? He's not. To us, he looks like a professional clip board holder. Or maybe he's a professional rep counter. We're not sure.

In our opinion he should just hand the clip board to the client, and go sit down. Oh, and he should probably suck in his stomach too.

Bad Personal Trainer

This is NOT Personal Training!

Do you really need to pay someone to stand there like a dummy and watch you walk on a treadmill? This guy is not a Personal Trainer. He is a professional conversationalist. He should get his own talk show.

Our Personal Trainers are all certified and experienced. Our Trainers make two promises. First, if you follow our instructions, you will absolutely achieve your fitness goals. Second, we will vary your workout a bit every time we see you. That keeps it new, so you won't get bored and want to quit.
Chicago's Top Personal Trainers get you in shape

Chicago Personal Trainers help you lose weight!

One Session $80 One Chicago Personal Training Session

Five Sessions $375 Five Chicago Personal Training Sessions

Ten Sessions $700 Ten Chicago Personal Training Sessions

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Chicagoland's best Personal Trainers are only a phone call away. Call an Illinois Personal Trainer now at (312) 371-6107, or Email a Personal Trainer at We are making Chicago, Illinois healthier, one Personal Training client at a time.

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